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Saint Mary in Palms

Founded in the 1919, the Parish of St. Mary in Palms is an Episcopal church and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  St. Mary's is part of the Anglo-Catholic stream within the Episcopal Church, which means we treasure the Catholic heritage of Anglicanism (in worship, theology, and spirituality) alongside our Protestant heritage. In the tradition of historic Anglo-Catholicism, we welcome everyone to worship with us, and invite all to grow in love of God and neighbor.

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Father Vincent Shamo, Rector

Fr. Vincent Shamo is the Rector (pastor) at St. Mary in Palms.  Originally from Ghana, Fr. Shamo spent several years as a monk in the Order of the Holy Cross before he was called to parish ministry.  Before coming to St. Mary's, Fr. Shamo served at St. James in the City in Koreatown, St. Clement's in Berkeley, St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Accra. You can email him here.